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Section 1

()主题提示:回收垃圾 Rubbish Collection

1 Waste of newspaper is collected every second week.

2 Name: Peter Wisborough

3 Address: No.16 Bridge Road,Rivertown

4 Post code: P/RH12PE   Tel: …

5 E-mail:helping@blackeat.com

6 A yellow box is free of charge

7 Nearest Recycling Center: Central Park

8 Metals (not crisp packets)

9 Paper (not magazines)


10 save it booklet

()主题提示:酒店庆祝周年纪念 Anniversary held in hotel

1 How many years has this anniversary been held: 10

2 How many people joined: 120

3 DATE: 13 June

4-5 What equipment need to be provided: microphoneand laptop

6 What is not needed: music

7 There are two kinds of food for vegetarian: Spaghetti for non-vegetarian: chicken

8 Accommodation: twin room thereare 10 altogether

9 Type of table provided: mixedtable

10 Selected room: orchestra room


The washing machine does not work, anda woman need to repair it.

1 Reference number: CW*****

2 When did the man buy the fridge: 9 monthsago

3 Postcode: GO**KE

4 Address: Middle Street

Problems of fridge:

Becausethe 5 water, it wasout of control and 6 switched offautomatically.

7 The floor which was made of wood waswet.

How to get help from others to fix it?

8 The client engineers are available next Tuesday.

9 Contact the client engineer

10 The repair company is opposite to the post office.

()主题提示:一个人办信用卡咨询 Application form (of credit card) 银行卡的一个Application form

1 Name: Murray Atkins

2 Address: 52 Green Street

3 Location: town of West Lake

4 Date of birth: 18th September1978

5 Work telephone No: 98471558

6 Credit limi: $2,000

7 Need to show the certificate: driving license

Questions 8-10 Multiple Choice

8 The $100 is paid for:

A three years     B two years     C one year

9 There is additional charge for

A cash withdraw    B extra statement / cancellation ofcard    C foreign purchased

10 Bonus credit is provided on statements of _____ now.

A one month    B two months    C every three months

Section 2

()主题提示:美术馆参观 Art gallery visit

11 When was this art gallery open to the public

A 1885    B It was built in 1887    C Year 1888

12 The former owner of the art gallery wanted it to be

A Textile    B Design    C The oil painting

13 The biggest capital from donation funded by

A Local government    B Public    C National fund

14 What will be open to public?

A An education center    B Sculpture garden

15 Visits’ attention:

A Should book online    B Tickets should use in a certain time    C Free to children

()主题提示:Healthcare Centre

11 how many patients the center consult (current patient number)

B 5000

12 是问什么时候能见到一位女医生

A weekday mornings    B three days aweek    C only Monday and Friday


B Mr. Green专门治疗deaf

14 可以在哪里买到药

A near the super market

B health care’s pharmacy

C 是在医院买到

15 什么情况病人会被询问

B one student attended in the consultation

()主题提示:科技博物馆 Science museum

11 先是请这些家长来的原因because

A both parents and teacher    B children’sonly parents    C 因为他们之前接受过一个survey

12 What is in common with these people? They all bring children

13 museum 入口的hall改建有什么新的new change

A museum hall    B café shop

14 What will be on October

B Something about the plants

15 电影除了放电影还用来

选:举办各种all kinds various parties school clubs

16 希望新成员newmember 给出关于How to manage money的建议:get extra income for themuseum – raise fund

Section 3


A male professor, a male student(Ivan) and a female student (Patricia) are discussing learning German.

21 Why does Patricia feel unhappy?

B She doesn’t graspa skill to learn independently

22 What did Ivan do in the library?

C send emailsmessage

23 They attended a conference, and what did they feel?

A too many (packed)people in the library

Question 24-30 Completion

24 globallisteningskill

25 The third is video; you have to pay attention to the speaker’s eye contact, gestures and the distance, etc.

26 stop the tape

27 The male student asks the importance of dictation

28 When listening to the broadcast, pay attention to the note-taking.

29 When watching the video, you have to cover the subtitles with a card.

30 When watching TV, watch more and focus on chat shows.


21 (organizationimproved environment) since?

A When NATURAL RESOURCEwas regulated by law

B more students are involved

C more species are brought in

22 whatis the background of this programme

A raised by local residents

B government subsidize in the first year

C initially foreducational purposes

23 the report indicates that

A some need to be improved in management

B teachers studentshave benefited from the field trips

24 他们已经研发出来的产品material already produced? A packused for

A special forstudents

B special for teachers,说是以后会future推出

C both teachers and student prepare for the field trips

Questions 25-26 Multiple Choice

Presentationshould cover the information of:


Introduce the use ofequipment

Reserve rules

Questions 27-28 Multiple Choice


A achieved punctuality more on time

B Students become more confident, less nervous

Questions 29-30 Multiple Choice

What will the women do in the rest of time?

A read the report of …

B take some photos

C interview someteachers

D participate ingroup activity

E copy the give a photocopy of

Section 3

()主题提示:网络迷恋 This lecture talks about Internet addiction, Internet addictionis a symbol. Then analyses reason, the impact on study and work, and explanation.

Personal effect:

31At beginning, Internet addiction is considered as a joke

32 It will make you: lack of social skills

33 addict often feel a sense of shamewhen using Internet

Business effect:

34 e-shopper cannot resist temptation of special offers

35 Addicted people can memorize the credit card number

36 Even for watchful parents who wouldn’t realize that their kidshave sign of internal addiction. They thought kids were studying or looking forinformation rather than playing computer games.


37Can involve teenagers

38 Affects concentration and affects grades


39 Internet addiction will lower work productivity

40 However, Internet is a mean of entertainment

(三)主题提示:棱皮龟的研究Sea creature called leatherback turtle

Questions 31-35 completion


31 theadvantageous shape of turtlehelp movement in the sea

32 the deepest dive reptile

33 shell is soft not bony

34 feeding / sleep on the water for several hours

35 by adjustingburning calorie and food… high in protein andmineral

Question 36-40 Completion

Research methods:安装一个靠近coast的时候补货,attach trackingdevice

36 扔回海里研究migration

37 can start thetracking research when the turtle reaches surface

38 stoptransmitting signal for avoiding running our power

39 can monitornot only the location butalso what the depth in thesea

40 Lindafemale龟:damageand track in her shell




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